I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

When i first came Tawa Intermediate i was very nervous but i got over it because it is a ton of fun.
miss Tito has been there all the way but she sadly won't be with us next year because shes not
going to be a teacher next year. but still it has been such a wonderful year having spec and all of
the craft activities and having P.E. everyday but p.e. isn't my cup of tea. I made friends really
fast. This is my first school where they allow you to bring your own device if it’s an iPad or a

We have been on some field trips but all of them were lots of fun and educational. When we went
on camp we did lots of activities that i would never do by my own choice but i found out that
apart from the cow poop and the flowers that everyone thought was slender it was lots of fun.

we have had lots of shared lunches where we all bought food and i made the best milk shakes
that everyone loved.

This year has been the best school year ever. I have had so much fun this year and i had the
best teacher ever. I will miss miss Tito next year.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Hangout Area

One Sunday, Emma called me and said "Hey do you want to come over to my house?" "OK, I'll come at lunch," I said.  Once I got there I asked to see her backyard and she said yes. Once we got there it was a bit confusing because it was overgrown. She showed me this one spot and said "This is my hangout area!" It was nothing but some logs and leaves. So I said " We should make something here." So we got to work.

We started by making a table out of tyres.  The table was filled with weeds we cleared from the ground. We then got three pieces of wood and used them as chairs. Later we found a tyre and used it as a shelf, the tyre was on a branch and held jars.

We then decided to make a tyre swing. We got two skipping ropes and tied them together. We then tied one side of the skipping ropes to the tyre and the other one to the tree. We then dug out the ground underneath the swing because it was rubbing against the ground.

I came back a few days later with Nicole and Emma and ate lots of lollies in the hangout area. There is not much left to say because the story has caught up to the present. I had a lot of fun making the hangout area with Emma.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Outlook For Someday Reflection

This is a story all about how I made a movie about sustainability. I originally made it a parody of the song 'The world is just awesome" but later on the music and rhythm changed. I made it with iMovie and garage band. It was really fun filming and making the movie. Here is the movie!

Outlook for Someday reflections:

Something that I learned from this project that I did not know before was:
*  Information: Certain new diseases like bird flu. I also learnt how write songs and how to use garage band to make music. I also learnt how to green screen movies.
* Process:  I learnt more things to do on iMovie while editing. And I learnt how you make piciffic types of music when i was with Lasi.

The part of this project that was most challenging for me was:
Writing the lyrics for the music and trying to make it rhyme with the song without knowing we were going to change the rhythm of the song later.

The part of this project I found most rewarding was:
Filming the scenes with Nicole and Ruby.  I think without the scenes the movie wouldn't be a movie.

The thing I need to improve on the most is:
The lip syncing because it was off a bit and looked a bit weird but it still looks cool and makes it look better than the old movie I was making.

The thing I found that I am really good at is:
Writing song lyrics. I didn't know i was good at making things rhythm but now I do.

If I had to do another Outlook for Someday movie, the things I would do differently are:
I would make the lip syncing match the song. And I would do more reasons whythe world is just gruesome.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I have been making a mini zoo for little rubbers.
This is potato
This is pixel
This is muffin
This is bongo
And this is flame

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The More You Know (about ki o rahi)

Did you know that Ki o Rahi was created as a peaceful way of resolving disputes.
Did you know that Ki o Rahi was shown to france, italy and America.
Did you know that Ki o Rahi was bought back in world war 1.
Did you know that Ki o Rahi has a round field instead of a rectangle like rugby.
Did you know that Ki o Rahi is a mix of ripper rugby and netball.
Did you know the two teams are called Kioma and Taniwha. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Open Night :D

          |  |   |
         /_^  /______
A Snake a gift for the open Night yay!
For Open Night I was in Room 13 for animation and movies made by Pouakai Syndicate made over the year. We did an example of animating and showing people an app called sky view it let you look at the stars from where you are!