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Sunday, 25 March 2012

pasion post

My passion is desingning things with lego computer sites and other things. I enjoy lego a lot and i enjoy doing stuff on my computer a lot aswell.


 LEGO’s Humble Beginnings

The LEGO toy empire got started in 1932 when Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, almost went bankrupt. During a depression, he had lost so much carpentry business that he started making wooden toys and selling them from his workshop. Two years later, he named his company LEGO (from Danish words "leg godt" meaning "play well". Incidentally, lego also means "I put together" in Latin.)
Christiansen’s first product? A wooden toy duck.

2: LEGO Wasn’t the First to Invent Bricks

Ole Kirk didn’t invent those LEGO bricks. He was inspired by the "Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Brick" patented by British inventor Hilary Fisher Page years earlier. LEGO’s first bricks, called the Automatic Binding Bricks, were released in 1947 and were almost exact copies of the Kiddicraft block.
Many years later, after Page committed suicide over business troubles, LEGO bought all the rights to the Kiddicraft block. (Source: Isodomos)


 The First Minifigs

The first minifigures (or minifigs) were released in 1978 for the Town, Space, and Castle playsets. When they were first created, LEGO decided that their (always happy) faces should have only one color: yellow. Minifigs have no sex or race. Actually, they didn’t have any arms or movable legs either.
In the 1980s, with the arrival of the LEGO Pirates, new facial features (evil/good/happy/grumpy) were released. In 2003, the company released different skin colors for the LEGO Basketball.

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