I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

cyber smart

In room 13 we have been looking at how to be cyber smart. Here is a video I made. Its important to be cyber smart you might get a virus or get scammed. If you've got a virus you will have to get your computer checked and if you get scammed you could lose lots of money.


  1. Hi Anton,its great to hear that you like lego because lego is one of my favorite activity to do as well.witch mouse is the oldest.

  2. the oldest is peanut but he and pecan ate pistachios head off so i let them into the wild i need to update my profile
    thanks anton


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