I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Matariki Panels

Matariki is a time when Maoris celebrate by looking at the stars. On this moment a constillation appears called Matariki. People fly kites and harvest food and things that celebrate Matariki. My class (room 13)    made Matariki panels.

At the top is new growth. The two Korus represent the new growth of everyone on the maori new year.

In the middle is the you panel. The seven shapes represent the seven people in my family. The light blue one is me, the maroon one is my sister Jordan, the purple one is my sister Courtney, the pink one is my sister Kryslin, the orange one is my dead brother dominic, the yellow one is my mum Lisa and the dark blue one is my dad Kevin.

At the bottom is the Matariki panel. i did seven stars for the seven stars of matariki and a Maori kite for the kites that are flown on Matariki.

Overall it was a fun experience making them.Photobucket

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