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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Holiday

In the two weeks I had for my holidays I had to go to work with my dad. We had gotten to his work and he told me what I had to do. I had to put the beef and lamb booklets in their boxes so the boxes could be laminated. I had to do that till four. When it was six we got to go home and aet pizza for dinner.Yum.

It was day two and I had to keep doing the beef and lamb stuff. By the time it was twelve we had finished so I had to fold boxes until it was four. We had K.F.C. for dinner.Yum.

It was day three and I got to spend the day with my sister Courtney. We went to the movies to see ice age 4 because niki manage was in it and Courtney is biggest fan of her ever.

 We then went to Te pa pa. We went to the place that teaches you about animals and saw the big squid. Then we went to see the nature area we  jumped off rocks jumped on the bridge and jumped in the cave. It was really fun.

We went to see the exhibitions. We found a room about the seventies and the walls, floor and roof was made of fake grass. It had old toys and old lollies. We were the only ones there so we rolled around on the ground because it was really comfortable.

 Then we went to the area where there are different marries I wanted to show courtney one but these two teenagers were making out in the way. so we left and had mcdonalds we then walked home.

For the rest of the holidays I watched tv in my pajamas but overall it was fun and I got paid $160 for my work.

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  1. sounds great. wish i had been there! -mum/lisa durr


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