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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Outlook For Someday Reflection

This is a story all about how I made a movie about sustainability. I originally made it a parody of the song 'The world is just awesome" but later on the music and rhythm changed. I made it with iMovie and garage band. It was really fun filming and making the movie. Here is the movie!

Outlook for Someday reflections:

Something that I learned from this project that I did not know before was:
*  Information: Certain new diseases like bird flu. I also learnt how write songs and how to use garage band to make music. I also learnt how to green screen movies.
* Process:  I learnt more things to do on iMovie while editing. And I learnt how you make piciffic types of music when i was with Lasi.

The part of this project that was most challenging for me was:
Writing the lyrics for the music and trying to make it rhyme with the song without knowing we were going to change the rhythm of the song later.

The part of this project I found most rewarding was:
Filming the scenes with Nicole and Ruby.  I think without the scenes the movie wouldn't be a movie.

The thing I need to improve on the most is:
The lip syncing because it was off a bit and looked a bit weird but it still looks cool and makes it look better than the old movie I was making.

The thing I found that I am really good at is:
Writing song lyrics. I didn't know i was good at making things rhythm but now I do.

If I had to do another Outlook for Someday movie, the things I would do differently are:
I would make the lip syncing match the song. And I would do more reasons whythe world is just gruesome.

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